Minhogei Ashkenaz - the web site to maintain links with the past

Welcome to the Minhogei Ashkenaz web-site, a place for you to find out information about our rich heritage - and to contribute information. It was set up in Summer '07 as an international collaboration between many unconnected people interested in maintaining the halochos, minhogim and traditions of Ashkenaz.

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Recent changes

  • Status of MA Shuls in Baltimore - Feb '11
  • Details of shuls in Beitar - Feb '11
  • Added website for KAJ Washington Heights - Feb '11
  • Memories of Frankfurt under PICTURES - April '11
  • Removed Monsey (Bnei Ashkenaz) - August '11
  • Added new Sefer on Piyutim (Hashir V'Hashevach) - Sept '15